The word 'bespoke'  itself is derived from the verb to 'bespeak', to "speak for something", in the specialized meaning "to give order for it to be made".  We are proud to provide customized and personally tailored design solutions that exceeds your expectations.
Steven Myers, founder and Managing Director of Fresh, has played critical design roles of many of the most elaborate and complex Heads of State, VIP/BBJ, and celebratory livery designs seen around the world.  He has also created many of the airline industry’s brands, identities and their expressions.  To date he has over 220+ corporate identities and livery designs spanning over the last 20+ years that he has played a role in their coming to life.  
Today Fresh offers a truly bespoke design consultancy that provides a true “art-to-part” creative design resource grounded in experience that extends well beyond the studio, shepherding the project through the entire process of bringing it to life.  From the very first client meetings on through initial creative design explorations, to final design, engineering configuration, production phase, on-site design management and finally to customer inspection and delivery.
We aspire to serving as your design advocates in your next project with creatively authentic, bespoke design services.
Steven C Myers

Steven Myers

Founder - Managing Director